Intentions to Break

An extraordinary space in an ordinary house

Sherman Evans and Beki Crowell made the trip down Folly Road near their South Carolina home almost every day for years. Often, when passing Southeast Kitchens, one would turn to the other and say something along the lines of, "That is the most intriguing shop, we should stop in sometime!"

Little did the husband and wife duo know that when they finally did stop—with NO intention of starting a home remodeling project—that the Summit Horizontal Bamboo kitchen cabinetry in a Natural finish that greeted them inside the store entrance would have them at hello!

Beki made it her personal mission—or as she put it, her "obsession"—to figure out how to rearrange her kitchen layout to make a new, more functional kitchen feasible, as well as add a dining space without changing the footprint of her home. Working with Fran Ploetz from Southeast Kitchens in addition to scouring HOUZZ for new kitchen ideas, Beki's dream for her family of five was to "create an extraordinary space within an ordinary house."

Beki, an artist, felt strongly that aesthetics and function were to be equals in the new kitchen design, and in her words, became "crazy" on how natural light would affect the kitchen space. Stephen Gyger, with Marquis Construction, showed her how light could fill the new room with the removal of an existing exterior wall. Recouping the adjacent screened porch as the dining area also increased the kitchen storage potential, and so the puzzle on how to fit the pieces was solved!

While the abundance of great light in the new Summit Horizontal Bamboo kitchen was a win for Beki, for her boys it was "the addition of a dishwasher, hands down" since they had never had one… ever. Deep drawers offer fluid functionality in one-motion movement as well as great cabinet storage, and the overall open space fosters easy family living for a new kitchen design that went from "small, dated and dark" to "functional, beautiful and modern." So much for good intentions!

Renovation Details

Fran Ploetz
Southeast Kitchens, Charleston, SC
Southeast Kitchens
Charleston, SC
Length of Project
3 months
Biggest Hurdle
Determining the spatial layout within the existing footprint
Favorite Feature
The light-filled space has become more than a kitchen, where everyone likes to hang out

Cabinet Details

Contemporary, Summit Horizontal
Married couple with three sons
Kitchen Craft