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Storage Ideas by HGTV.com Feature Diamond and Kitchen Craft Products

Side-by-side images of the Diamond Base Message Center and Kitchen Craft Dispensa Pantry CabinetsHGTV.com (August 2015) – HGTV.com published an article titled "13 Storage Dilemmas, Solved," about clever storage ideas for cluttered areas in the home. Among the products in the spotlight were the Diamond Base Message Center Cabinet and Kitchen Craft Dispensa Pantry Cabinet, both ideal cabinet storage solutions for kitchen organization challenges.

The article features cabinet storage ideas for reinvented spaces that would normally be difficult to use for storage. Each product takes empty or easily cluttered spaces and innovates with style.

The Diamond Base Message Center turns the side of your cabinet into a paperwork storage solution, keeping magazines and mail from using precious counter space. Some spaces that homeowners may not even think to use, such as the gap between the oven and the wall can be turned into pull out cabinet storage with the sleek and smart Kitchen Craft Dispensa Pantry. The Dispensa Pantry features rows of metal shelving and stores dishes or dry goods in an unexpected and easily accessible way.

Reaching more than 3 million readers every month, HGTV.com covers an array of content on home, design and decorating topics. For more ways that MasterBrand offers cabinet storage solutions without compromising style, visit the Kitchen Organization page.