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House Beautiful Features Bathroom Organization Cabinet by Decora

Bathroom organization cabinet by Decora featured in House Beautiful.House Beautiful (June 2014) — An innovative new bathroom organization cabinet by Decora Cabinetry is featured as part of the June cover story in House Beautiful.

"The BEST! for the Bath" showcases the Decora Bath Mirror Pullout in a sweet pea finish with the caption, "In this ingenious design, the sides slide out for storage." Visit the Decora YouTube channel to view a demonstration of the mirror.

Decora Cabinetry aims to make life easier with thoughtful cabinet interior organization and utilization of every inch of precious space. Decora products provide homeowners with a large range of modification options to tailor cabinetry to their design preferences and create the room of their dreams.

Reaching 835,000 readers every month, the House Beautiful brand strives to offer readers advice and ideas pertaining to the decoration and maintenance of homes. House Beautiful helps readers achieve the highest standard of a personal sense of place — rooms that feel right.

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