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Dream Kitchen Created with Decora Cabinetry on 'Kitchen Crashers'

DIY Network (August 2013) — One family's outdated and barely functional kitchen was transformed into their dream space for cooking, dining, and entertaining when DIY Network's "Kitchen Crashers" and host Alison Victoria teamed up with Decora Cabinetry as part of Season 4's "Way More Kitchen" episode on Aug. 5.

Using the white Harmony cabinet door style by Decora and Cobblestone cabinet finish, the Crashers crew helped create an awesome new kitchen that serves its homeowners with functionality, accessibility, and, of course, elegance.

From industry-leading custom color and cabinetry finish options to a wide breadth of cabinet door styles and best-in-class hinge offerings, Decora cabinets provide homeowners with a large range of modification options to tailor cabinetry to their design preferences and create the room of their dreams.

Ever dream of leaving the home-improvement store with a free kitchen? That’s what DIY Network's "Kitchen Crashers" does all across America. The show visits home-improvement stores looking for the perfect weekend warriors who could use some help with their kitchens at home.

Once the Crashers crew finds its target, the team follows the surprised shoppers home and completely transforms their dull kitchen into an eye-popping showstopper.

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