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Diamond Gourmet SuperCabinet Named Honorable Mention in 2013 KBCulture Awards

3BsGourmetSuperCBftSKBCulture Awards (April 2013) — The Diamond Gourmet SuperCabinet earned Honorable Mention honors for the Kitchen Cabinets category of this year's KBCulture Awards.

Noted for its ergonomic design and spatial efficiency in kitchen cabinet organization, the Gourmet SuperCabinet helps keep kitchens clutter-free in a more accessible, intelligent fashion. Available in 30- and 36-inch widths, the Gourmet SuperCabinet is equipped with adjustable, slide-out chrome storage inserts that organize kitchen tools and utensils, all while keeping them readily accessible.

Featuring its innovative Logix cabinets that offer even more reasons why Diamond Cabinets is a trusted pioneer of cabinetry organization, the Honorable Mention honor is the latest of several prestigious awards won by Diamond. The KBCulture Awards are exclusive honors given to selected products central to kitchen and bath design by expert judges who evaluate entries for technological innovation and aesthetic design.

Diamond first introduced the SuperCabinet to the world of cabinet interiors with rave reviews over 10 years ago. Now the flagship of cabinet organization is once again charting new ground with the SuperCabinet V.2 and Gourmet SuperCabinet, showing that Diamond is continually thinking — and rethinking — about your storage and cabinet organization needs.