Close-up of the corners of three different types of cabinet door styles

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Casual Cabinets

Be Yourself

Taking a modern base and blending it with traditional detailing, a casual kitchen design style is a balance of relaxation and refinement. Helping you build a room that says "home" and "you" at the same time, casual cabinets are more about the personalization of the space and finding harmony between all of the individual elements. This design style allows for a mixture of ideas and shows an appreciation for freedom, nonconformity and self-expression.

Characteristics of a Casual Kitchen


Eclectic accessories – A beloved piece of modern art placed next to a family heirloom.

Bold accents – An accent wall adds a pop of color and creates a personal design statement. 

Architectural elements – Simple arches added to a bookcase unit, or use of mouldings that add to the cabinetry's overall design, form and structure.