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Cabinet Color Trends: The Hot List

What's Trending in Cabinet Colors

Color is making a comeback, and we've got you covered on what today's top picks are.  

Versatile Blues

Blue Cabinets

Blue cabinetry is having a moment. From the palest of blues to the rich jewel tones of navy and teal, blue cabinets make a statement without saying a word. 

White on White

White Cabinets

Do we go out on a limb and say white cabinets are a trend? Of course they are!  As the number one selling cabinetry color, we could say white is a classic, but we'll let you decide.

Shades of Gray

Gray Cabinets

Versatile, timeless and totally livable, gray cabinets provide a sophisticated backdrop for everyday living.  With shades from light to dark, gray cabinetry is a trend we don't see declining any time soon.

Bold in Black

Black Cabinets

Classic, but trending. Consider black cabinets a statement piece that can act as a grounding force. The timeless appeal of black creates sophistication within the home and sets the mood for a design theme.