Looks that Enhance Cabinet Details

If you are looking to add some special details to your kitchen, try some of these modified cabinet end panel designs to elevate your space. 

Open Shelf Cabinets

A great way to showcase items in your kitchen is open shelving, or even more common, is open cabinets or glass cabinets. These look great by themselves, but the design can certainly be enhanced by grounding the cabinet to the countertop through a modification of the cabinet end panels’ construction to create a hutch-like appearance. In the example shown below, the designer even accentuated the lower cabinet back with a contrasting material and embellished with additional shelves and brackets. This solution provides enough flexibility to customize however you may want.

Open Shelves - Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Islands

Islands are extremely functional, but they also serve a decorative purpose particularly when they are such a large feature within the space. Using the depth of the side of the islands as an opportunity to bring a style element into the design is a common practice. In the next inspiration, you can see the shiplap feature with a decorative leg support really transforms the farmhouse style into a statement piece. This example can be achieved in multiple ways depending on the cabinet brand you are working with. Additionally, the X-end motif can also be achieved in a number of different ways to create a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic or even an industrial feel. These types of finishing details can be easily overlooked but can certainly take your design up a notch when used.

X-end Motif on Kitchen Island