Fleeting Green Kitchen Cabinets

The perfect pastel.

In the world of predominately all white kitchens, integrating cabinet color can be a challenge. We love white cabinetry and the classic, easy elegance that comes from that look, but don’t shy away from this trend of subtle color infusion, particularly when it comes to green kitchen cabinets. Neutrals are always a safe bet for longevity, but even neutral trends evolve and eventually become outdated spaces. Pastels are the current trend for neutral yet colorful, allowing for some tonal influence from colors like green, blue and even blush beiges, yet without the dominate color theme that can sometimes restrict the complimentary palette.

Complementary Color Palette to Fleeting Green

This kitchen is a perfect example of a ‘colored neutral’ paint that moves the kitchen beyond plain white and into a fresh, subtle green color but at the same time, retains the bright, airy softness of an almost white space. Many of these colored neutrals still mix well with other colors giving them the longevity and flexibility many homeowners want with their new kitchens.

Even as a full color kitchen in Fleeting Green, this palette is primed for ocean-influenced or dark blue accents. Color pops could also range in popular terra cotta tones, retro black accessories or warmer earthen reds or browns. But no one says you have to go color crazy, sticking with the basic of pastel green, ash-blonde wood tones and layered neutrals has a casual and can quite simply be embellished through textural elements as seen in this inspirational kitchen through natural wood grain accents and a multi-paneled door accent, creating plenty of visual appeal on these mono-toned cabinets.

Often the most well thought out kitchen designs are the ones that look beautiful from the outside, but also meet functional needs on the inside. This kitchen tells a story of a small family who loves the idea of color being the new neutral to brighten and inspire them daily. This application provides the perfect opportunity for their personality to shine through and maximize trends around kitchen cabinet colors.

Also within this space, there is a perfect, well-lit, and functional workplace integrated into this high function home hub. Current trends in adding workspaces into common areas yet away from the working island provide families with options as we see some lifestyles transition to hybrid home/ work environments. Having this additional dedicated space adds flexibility for a work from home parent and can double as a place to do homework in the evenings or even an additional place to set up entertaining on the weekends. These multi-functional spaces really provide the flexibility the future demands of families at home.

Speaking of functionality, a perfectly placed drop zone is ideal for school children to hang their backpacks and sanitize before digging into the kids beverage center for a cool drink and a snack. These enhanced functional features can evolve in use or serve multiple purposes for cleaning supplies and broom storage for not just the kitchen but the whole home. So keep zone functionality in mind when creating your dream kitchen and let your cabinets do the work!