MasterBrand culture

About Us

Our Culture

The mission and values that define us as cabinet makers

Our mission, values and traits have defined our success, helping us to become one of the most trusted cabinetmakers around. Continually integrating these core beliefs into our design, cabinet manufacturing and delivery capacities has differentiated us from the competition and helped us provide exceptional products and service to our consumers.

Our Mission: To provide the best overall kitchen, bath and other-room solutions for consumers and channel partners in North America.

Our Values & Beliefs

Our success in the marketplace as a cabinet manufacturer is determined by the degree to which customers choose to do business with us. Beyond our commitment to providing a superior product, exceptional customer service and cabinet design innovation, MasterBrand emphasizes a core belief system that we believe speaks directly to our customers.

  • Our integrity will not be compromised
  • We will honor our commitments
  • Consumers, channel partners and vendors will be treated with honesty and respect
  • Teamwork and cooperation will prevail to ensure success
  • We will recruit and train people who openly accept accountability and responsibility
  • We will protect the safety of our environment and employees
  • We will continue to improve our processes and performance
  • Local community involvement will be essential to the well being of our business

Traits that Define Our Success

Values translate into behaviors that a person, or company, becomes known for. MasterBrand's core beliefs express attributes that, we feel, our customers respond to positively. 

Passion – Our dedication gives us the energy, commitment and enthusiasm to help people aspire to something better, whether they are building their dream home or remodeling the one they've had for years.

Hard Work – We strive to ensure every order arrives complete and on time, is of exceptional quality and competitively priced.

Teamwork – We share ideas and skills with our co-workers through open communication, and believe the team comes first.

Confidence – Our quality products and consumer-focused approach to business give us the confidence to continuously exceed industry expectations.

Integrity – We honor our commitments and promote honesty, candor and respect for all customers, employees and vendors.

Our Service Basics

In any business, service is paramount to success. At MasterBrand, we have identified four basics that guide every service decision as a cabinet manufacturer.

  • Deliver complete
  • Deliver on time
  • Provide quality that meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Continuously bringing forth fashionable products at competitive prices

Our Commitment to Diversity

MasterBrand Cabinets recognizes the value a diverse workforce brings to our organization, our products and our customers. MasterBrand Cabinets is committed to enabling employees to contribute to their fullest potential by embracing the various dimensions of diversity and creating an atmosphere of inclusion. It is the passion, creativity and dedication of our employees that helps us achieve our mission of making it easy for consumers and channel partners to select, purchase, and install attractive cabinetry for the home.